South West Hygiene website improvements with SEO focus

“Having worked with Magareth for the past 9 months, Sam has consistently progressed our keyword rankings, allowing us reduce our expenditure on Google Adwords.

Magareth have also provided us with a far better understanding of our user behaviour. This then allowed us to optimise our website and customer experience accordingly, which has already produced some great results.”

James Ritchie, Operations/IT Director, South West Hygiene



Keeping Adwords spend consistent, clicks increased by 100%


Using SEO tactics on the website, it's visibility doubled


The website now ranks for 120 highly relevant keywords, an increase of 62

James was looking for someone that could help with SEO, user experience and conversion rate for their website. They had a well established site but knew they could be achieving more with regards to visitor numbers and converting those to enquiries for the business.


A family business that had been running since 1993, South West Hygiene already had a fantastic reputation and a great website. James had worked with agencies previously to try and improve the site to support the achievement of their ambitious business goals. Unfortunately they continued to have issues.


I analysed the current website and Adwords account, along with the SEO rankings. From this we created some KPIs for me to work towards. I reviewed and updated all of the website content, analysed behaviour across the website and revamped the entire Adwords account optimising all campaigns and bidding.


The results achieved were way beyond all of the KPIs we set. In just six months we completely revolutionised the website, user experience and quality of enquiries without having to rebuild the website or increase the Marketing budget. (Work was put on hold due to COVID-19).

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