Pepper Communications Marketing Strategy

Pepper first started working with Sam almost a year ago, she comes into the office once a week and works with our Sales team acting as our Marketing Manager. Sam has a variety of knowledge across all areas of Marketing and has a good sense of commercial awareness with a good understanding of how different areas of the business need to function together.

Sam settled quickly and integrated well with the team keeping in touch with team members outside of her scheduled day in the office even attending some of our social events. I have found Sam organised and a pleasure to work with, the team would agree that she is efficient and her dedication to our company has been impressive.

Sam has made great progress with a variety of projects and we are looking forward to our continued work together.

Jude Whitford, Managing Director, Pepper Communications
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Took over website project and set live within 2 months after the team experienced 8 months of delays

Run a complete analysis of past sales and identified ways to increase turnover by up to 44%

Highlighted the importance of client satisfaction and implemented multiple initiatives for improvement

I first spoke to Jude as a result of a recommendation from another client. Jude was looking for someone with a broad skill set that would come into the office weekly and act as a marketing manager running marketing initiatives and being instrumental in the strategic direction of the business from a marketing perspective.


The family business was initially started in 1982 by Jude’s father. Over the past few years all four brothers have come together to refine and build on what their father started. Pepper have been very successful and the business has been continually growing.


To get a true picture of the business situation I carried out an extensive analysis of their past sales and their marketing activities. I also spent time with teams around the business to fully understand how the business functioned and identity possible opportunities and any weaknesses.


I was instrumental in multiple new initiatives to help pepper understand what their clients really wanted and to show thanks to their loyal clients. I also picked up the website project that had been severely delayed and managed the project to completion. I also carried out several other workshops with the team including the importance of client retention and branding; including personas. I also started work on their strategic marketing activity planning for the coming financial year. (This was put on hold due to COVID-19).

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