About a gentler approach to marketing

What about Magareth? It's a Cornish term that means ''to nurture''. I honestly believe that our nurturing spirit is what sets us apart.

At Magareth, we have a very small team of one. I have an informed, first-hand knowledge of the services I provide, built up over the past 14 years. I work with companies of all sizes in Cornwall and Devon, and sometimes further afield for those happy with remote working.

I’m here to support businesses who want to get their marketing efforts off the ground and need a bit of direction, or those that are stuck in a bit of a rut not really achieving what they set out to.

I’m driven, creative and passionate about the details and would love to work with your business using various established marketing and communications techniques I have learned and developed throughout my career.

I like to make sure you’re happy with exactly what activity we’re doing and understand where you’ll see the return. I’m happy to advise and only take action your comfortable with and after working for a budget retailer I’ve learned to really make the most of every penny!

You know your business better than anyone else, and I know an awful lot of marketing. Let’s harness our skills, and achieve something amazing together…

    Sam Pengelly Magareth at South West Business Expo